Is your forklift operator’s certificate up to date?

Ask yourself?

  • Does my operator have at least 20 hours of operation on the machine – prior to training?
  • Do they have a valid drivers license?
  • Have they been re-certified in the past two years?

According to Worksafe BC GuidelinesOccupational Health and Safety Regulations Section 16.7(j)requires lift truck operators to be trained by a qualified trainer in accordance with CSA Standard B335-94, Industrial Lift Truck Operator Training. The standard also stipulates “a lift truck operator must take a refresher course at least every two years, or if there is an accident or incident attributable to operator error.”

Also, the equipment to be compliant it must be safety checked every 250 hours or minimum 6 months and must have a back-up device, strobe, mirrors, seat/seat belt and E-brake.  As stated in the same section “Maintenance records for any service, repair or modification which affects the safe performance of the equipment must be maintained and be reasonably available to the operator and maintenance personal during work hours.”

We want to make sure we offer you the best training available on the island and that’s why B&D Lift Truck Services Ltd. offers onsite training courses for any size group.

Our highly certified trainers like Carl will gladly assist your employees in learning how to operate your forklift, for your business, precisely to your needs. Carl’s test results from “IVES Training Group” are near perfection and speak for themselves.

  • Powered Industrial Trucks – 100%
  • Theory Presentation – 100%
  • Final Written Test – 98%
  • Trainee Performance – 100%

His professionalism and credentials will guarantee that your team completes a successful “Premium Forklift Training Certificate”.  Ensuring, that your employees will implement and maintain safe and effective mobile equipment operating at your site.  We want to continue to support you in maintaining a safe and productive workplace!  Carl also has expertise in heavy duty forklift training with air-brakes.  Call us today to arrange a training course.

Forklift Operator Training programs available include:

Aerial Lift
Narrow Isle
Counter Balance
Group or Individual Training
Rough Terrain Forklifts
Scissor Lift
Class 6 Tugger and Zoom Boom Forklifts

——- WCB/CSA Standard ———

Site-specific training provided by a qualified trainer and forklift service technician.  Each forklift needs to have pre-trip and a their own pre-trip book.  Our training also emphasizes on safe load handling and storage racking.

Call 250-415-5219 for pricing and scheduling!

We also rent forklifts!